“Go into all the world and make disciples everywhere …” - this is your mission if you choose to accept it.

This message was not delivered to Mr. Phelps and it did not self destruct in five seconds, but it was nonetheless “mission impossible.”

As the disciples considered the great task ahead of them, they must have felt inferior to the task at hand.  How would they accomplish their Lord’s will?  The answer is given in these verses of Acts 1.  They would not accomplish it at all, but it would be completed through them as they yielded to the power of the Holy Spirit.

John the Baptist had first announced the future baptism of the Holy Spirit and here Jesus affirms that it will shortly be fulfilled in their presence.

The coming of the Holy Spirit would be accompanied by great power that would allow the disciples to serve the Lord and accomplish His will through them.  Ordinary men and women who wholeheartedly followed God would now be able to accomplish extraordinary things for Him because of the Spirit of God at work within them.  The Holy Spirit is not merely a luxury to our churches today, my friend He is an absolute necessity.

Notice first of all, that in each section of this lesson the disciples and followers of Jesus Christ were assembled together in unity, purpose, and prayer. They may not have understood how the task would be accomplished, but regardless, they were willing to take on the mission.

Are we?  The first step to being used by God is by faith accepting the message. You can choose to sit on the sidelines of life and ministry, or you can take the field and engage in the mission for which God has called you.  It is ultimately your choice.

For those who accept the mission, it is pertinent to “continue in prayer and supplication” until the Holy Spirit comes upon you.  A God-sized mission and task can only be accomplished by the working of God’s Spirit through us. I like the story shared in our quarterly of the young man who asked, “How can God live inside my heart?  He is so big!  He made the whole world!  If He lived inside my heart, He’d stick out!”  Yes, he will young man.  If God is working in you,  He will come out through your words and actions.

Therefore, wait on the Lord and when He reveals His plan for you, receive power from the Holy Spirit and obey. God’s mission is unstoppable and His will cannot be prevented. Will you choose today to allow Him to work His plan in and through you, your family, your group, and your church.  Will you say with Isaiah, “Here I am, Lord, send me?”

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