In Joshua chapter 6, the Israelites receive some pretty strange instructions on taking the city of Jericho.  It would not be by their might, nor their power, but by their belief in their God that they would overcome.

In verse 16, after obeying precisely what God had said, Joshua commands them to, “Shout, for the Lord has given you the city!”  

     My first thought as I read Joshua’s statement this morning is that obedience leads to victory.  We can see the impossible become possible if we are willing to believe God and take Him at His word.  Second, I saw how faith and worship precede victory and reward.  They were commanded to shout in praise to God for the deliverance of the city BEFORE the walls came crashing down.

     What does this mean to us?  Well, one of my favorite songs from the group “Casting Crowns” is entitled, “I will praise you in this storm”.  It summarizes what I believe God would have us learn from this verse this morning.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the certainty of things not yet seen says the author of Hebrews.  Therefore, we should praise God for the results He has promised before they actually become reality in our lives.  Worship and Faith precede victory.  

     Lamentations is a book of grief and despair.  But, in it, the author finds hope through His faith in a God whose “mercies are new every morning”, a God who is “faithful”, and a God who “will not cast off forever”.  So, I don’t know what you are going through right now in your life, but take heart.  God has not left you, nor has He forgotten you.  His presence and reward are certain.  Perhaps, He is just waiting for you to believe and to shout so the walls may come crashing down.  

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