By Justin Randolph
Pastor, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Sevierville, TN. Extract from the Baptist and Reflector: Sunday School Lesson-Bible Studies For Life. Focal Passage: Psalm 119:153-160

 I remember well my first and only experience roofing. It was on a Baptist Collegiate Ministries missions trip in Gulfport, Miss. We volunteered to roof a church that was damaged in a hurricane.  We had a good system going and felt good about our work until we got down off the roof and noticed the shingles were not straight. We had not maintained an accurate plumb line, and as a result, the roofline looked like the waves of the ocean. That day I learned the importance of maintaining a standard in roofing.

Like roofing, life requires certain standards of morality and ethics. If left to ourselves to define truth, we will no doubt twist and blur the lines to favor our personal preferences. This will leave us in a chaotic mess and easily put us at odds with others around us. Truth must be consistent or it’s not truth at all. Thankfully God has not left us without truth, but has given us His Word as the standard by which we can measure our lives.

The psalmist has had a similar experience in life. He understands that God’s truth is the measure by which life is judged. Therefore, he pleads for God to look into his life. The word translated “consider” means “to inspect.” We were able to fix the roof in Mississippi because we gained the insight of an experienced roofer who inspected our work and made the proper corrections in our methods. When is the last time you and I have allowed the Holy Spirit of God to inspect our lives through the ministry of the Word of God and make necessary corrections?  God’s Word is not a book of suggestions or possibilities, but of commandments that must be followed if we hope to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Additionally in verse 156, the psalmist shows his belief that God’s commandments are not meant to burden us, but to set us free to live a life of joy and fulfillment. His judgments come from a place of compassion and love. Therefore, they are not just true, but given to benefit us.   The circumstances of our life may knock us down and we may face opposition and perhaps even be persecuted, but if we maintain our belief in the truth of God’s Word we will overcome.

Finally, in verse 160, the psalmist affirms the veracity of God’s Word. It is completely true because God is truth and He cannot lie. It has also been confirmed by the test of time.  Whatever God has spoken has come to pass. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that it will remain true into eternity. Just because seasons, situations, and people change, truth does not change. We see this in the world of math.  Two plus two is always four. It is true, and truth does not change.  Therefore, it can be counted on no matter what decision or circumstance one may face.

So, what about you? Do you believe God’s Word is truth? Have you made it the ultimate authority in your life? How does knowing God’s Word is truth affect your life and actions this week?

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