In the Old Testament, the most recognized symbol of the presence of God was the ark of the covenant.  Wherever the ark was, God's presence was there.

But at one point, through disobedience, Israel had allowed the Philistines to steal it.  There is an important lesson here.  Satan is out to rob you of your sense of God's presence.  When you sin, you always lose your sense of the presence of God.  This can lead to fear, failure, and doubt.  How can you protect your sense of the presence of God?

 If you have ever taken kids on a hike in the woods or to the waterfall you have said these things.  Not in order to prohibit them, but in order to protect them.  

 #1- Stay on the Trail.  The trail God has marked out for us in His word is there to protect us from traps and snares laid out by the enemy that can slow down our progress and keep us from God’s best.  Always remember to stay on the trail so that you can avoid the poison ivy, snakes, and other obstacles laid out for you by the enemy of your soul.

 #2- Stay away from the edge.  Sometimes we like to walk near the edge of disaster.  Life is meant to be lived in balance.  For believers, that means we must avoid living one part of life at the expense of another.  For instance, we must balance our marriage and family life with our careers.  In addition, we must balance rest with work.  We must take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is our bodies, by living life in balance.  Stay away from the edge, lest you fall.

 #3- Stay with the group.  So many times we like to get ahead or lag behind.  By staying with the group and walking in love and unity we are able to not only find accountability and help for ourselves, but we have the awesome privilege of serving others along the way. 

 If you treasure God’s presence and blessing in you life and want to protect it, try applying these principles today.

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Psalms 31:17 - "Let me not be ashamed, O LORD; for I have called upon thee: let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave."

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