It is Wednesday, and Jesus has chosen to stay out of the way and rest on this day.  But, Judas has begun to weigh his options.

You see, the night before, during supper, something happened that cemented the decision in Judas mind to betray His teacher.

While at the home of Simon the leper, a woman has come and anointed Jesus with expensive perfume.  To Judas, this extravagant act is a revolting waste.  “This money should have been given to the poor.”  he exclaims along with some other disciples.  But Jesus rebukes them.  He tells them to “leave her alone.”  His reason is even more confounding.  He says that she has done this to prepare his body beforehand for burial.

Now, you must understand, Judas did not sign up of this.  It has been three days since Jesus publicly rode into Jerusalem on a donkey all but announcing that He is the long awaited Messiah.  What is this talk of death?  “You will be handed over to be persecuted, and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.”  Judas does not want to be hated or executed.  Perhaps he can force Jesus hand.  Besides, Judas is tired of living had to mouth.  He wants to be rewarded for his labor.  Its time to see what Caiaphas will offer for secret knowledge of the whereabouts of Jesus.  As Jesus is arrested, then Judas can know for sure whether or not the Nazarene is the Christ.

Caiaphas has been waiting for this moment.  Jesus has become a real threat to his power and sustainability.  Yet, because of the adoration of the crowds, he cannot arrest him without causing a scene.  This is his chance.  Judas and Caiaphas make the deal.  The traitorouse disciple will begin looking for an opportunity to hand over Jesus secretly.  Caiaphas offers in return thirty silver coins, about four months wages.  

Today, let us also rest in the knowledge that Jesus came to die, so that we might live.  God loves people more than anything, and God hates sin.  To deal with sin, Jesus came as a sacrifice.  Victory in many times and in many situations is won by service and sacrifice, not by power and might.  One day, Jesus will return in all His glory.  But, for now His mission is to be the Savior, not the judge.  Likewise, may we seek to save more and judge less.  The gospel is good news.  Let’s share it with someone today….

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