The answer may surprise you that more often than not the answer is to lie.  According to the book, “The Day America Told the Truth”, 91 percent of Americans say they regularly lie.

A Reader’s Digest poll found similar numbers. It reported that 93 percent of Americans said they have been dishonest at work or at school.  96 percent said they had lied to a friend or family member.  What does this mean?  Well, two things really.  First, we are a nation of liars and it has reached epidemic proportions.  It should be no surprise that our leaders lie and really it shouldn’t upset us to badly since we do much the same thing.  Second, church people lie too.  Although they know Jesus is the Truth and His Word has been declared Truth, we will still lie if it means getting our way or staying out of trouble.  

Herein lies the second question, why lie?  June Hunt adds this analysis, “Within our hearts, God has placed three inner needs-the need of love, significance, and security.  When we lie to others, typically we are trying to get one of these needs met illegitimately.”  Of course we all know that Satan is described as the “father of lies”, and deserves his share of credit in this new age of falsehood. I believe our flesh always seeks the path of least resistance and most gratification and if we are not careful we can justify lying to get there.  It’s sort of follows the end justifies the means approach.  In other words, if I want X to happen and it takes lying or bending the truth to get there, I am ok with that as long as I reach my intended mark.  This is how politics inside and outside the church are done today.  

Lastly, what can we do?  Well, we can start by examining our own heart and lives.  Are we being people of honesty and integrity?  Then, as people of God who live by the statement that ,“Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life”, we must become heralds of the truth.  And, yes, even when it hurts.   We can only accomplish this through the power of God’s Spirit at work within us.  Therefore, we must pray and seek His face daily so when we speak we can truthfully proclaim a word from God for any and every situation.

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